ESTO AS is a payment technology company with a creditors license. ESTO provides fully automated and tech-driven point of sale purchase financing and payments solution for its network of merchant partnerships. ESTO’s business model is to facilitate payments between the client and merchant in a commerce setting by providing real time payments for the merchant and payment schedules for the client.
ESTO is developing and managing its state of the art payments platform which has a core emphasis on providing the most flexible and automated product for the clients of its merchant partnership network. ESTO’s significant technological competitive advantages have enabled the Company to disrupt and penetrate a mature POS financing sector in a short period of time.

ESTO was founded by professionals with background from wide range of industries including private equity, investment banking and complex IT system development. ESTO has a strong international investor base to support the growth of the Company.

Laeva 2, Tallinn 10111, Estonia

+372 622 52 52
Martin Ustaal
ESTO Eesti ärijuht ja partnersuhete juht