PwC Legal Estonia

Truly Global network and approach

PwC Legal Estonia is a part of PwC Global Network connecting more than 222,000 legal, tax, financial and other professionals and more than 3,500 lawyers.

PwC Global Network covers more than 157 countries across the world, including all EU member states. This providers our clients an amazing opportunity to easily cross borders and receive professional legal, tax, financial and advisory services where needed.

Opportunity to work and share knowledge and knowhow with our experts in a different professional fields and different territories creates an unparalleled and unique knowledge and expertise base within the PwC, allowing our experts to provide the best and the most up to date advice.

Experienced team

We have a team of very experienced lawyers in our law firm in Estonia, whereas our deep-routed knowhow also stems from PwC Legal’s global network which unites more than 3,500 lawyers working in over 95 countries all over the world. This allows us to provide complex professional services with wide geographical coverage through a single point of contact.

With its unique approach, PwC Legal offers a high-quality professional legal service quickly and efficiently by combining them with tax, business and management consulting and auditing services.

Guarantee for quality

We have an unparalleled reputation for quality and trust among the market participants. Based on the feedback received from our customers, 98% of them would recommend us to other companies.

When providing our services we strictly follow the norms of professional ethics. We will treat you with utmost respect and a sense of responsibility, and promise to offer you a first-class service. We are certain that we have the required knowledge and experience and a firm desire to make our contribution to the further development of your business.

Pärnu mnt 15
10141 Tallinn

+372 614 1858